Tokyo, Japan
"I sculpt the image of flowing time, life, the tranquility and beauty of space."

Celebrated for its enchanting "wearable sculptures," Node by KUDO SHUJI shines as an esteemed Japanese jewelry label. With a profound artistic perspective, KUDO SHUJI, the ingenious creator behind this brand, fashions jewelry and artworks that eloquently capture the essence of time's passage, the vibrancy of life, and the grandeur of space. According to KUDO SHUJI, the genuine essence of his creations transcends the moment of acquisition, evolving and harmonizing with each wearer, ultimately culminating in a one-of-a-kind, personalized masterpiece.
metamorphosis - sterling silver unique ring - Avant Gardist
essence - sterling silver bold ring - Avant Gardist
weathering - Square sterling silver signet ring - Avant Gardist
weathering - sterling silver bold ring - Avant Gardist
fusion - oval sterling silver combination signet ring - Avant Gardist
fusion - sterling silver combination ring - Avant Gardist