Our Story

Michelle Tsau, founder of AVANT GARDIST.

Michelle’s work takes her around the world, often for weeks at a time, where she discovers innovative, statement pieces from designers unheard of and unavailable anywhere else — even back home.

That is why Michelle started Avant Gardist: to make it easier for style – brand seekers to find emerging fashion through a global network providing direct access to international designers. Too often, the only high-quality, innovative fashion available to consumers is restricted to who makes the runway cut. But as Michelle discovers with each new destination, there is a whole world of fashion that is not getting its moment because it does not have access to the global stage.

Avant Gardist is here to change that by being the gateway to a world of undiscovered fashion providing convenient access to hard-to-find and one-of-a-kind pieces that you can not find anywhere else — no matter how out-of-reach it seems.