On May 12, Avant Gardist participated in the Into the Future of Fashion, a Smithsonian Museum event to celebrate its 175th anniversary by looking into the future of humanity instead of looking back.

The event was a resounding success and it was Smithsonian’s most attended Thursday evening event-to-date with over 2,700 in-person participants.

The show began with a panel discussion. Our Founder and CEO was one of four discussants on the panel. She was joined by celebrity stylist and judge/co-signer of HBO Max’s The Hype Marni Senofonte, menswear designer Andrew Nowell, co-executive producer of HBO Max’s Legendary, Jack Mizrahi. The panel was moderated by Dashaun Wesley.

The panel was asked about their views on the future of fashion and what we may be wearing fifty years from now in 2070. Below are Avant Gardist’s views on the future:

Democratization of fashion: Avant Gardist is pushing for borderless fashion by creating opportunities for emerging fashion designers from around the world to have a voice and to be connected directly with consumers. Avant Gardist is breaking the cycle and creating borderless opportunities for fashion designers and customers alike.

Sustainability: The global fashion industry is responsible for CO2 emissions, industrial wastewater, insecticides and pesticides. There's a concerted effort to move towards sustainability. Avant Gardist supports a closed loop system or a regenerative system where garments and fabrics are circulated until they lose their value and then returned to the biosphere when they are no longer in use.

Inclusivity: Contemporary fashion has already exhausted newness; everything has been seen as an idea many times before. In future years the human body will change more by merging with technology. You will be able to change anything on your body, which will be very fashionable. Gadgets will be accessories, and clothes will self-change to weather conditions. Technology will penetrate fashion in many ways.

Technology trends influencing fashion. Avant Gardist is excited about AI, 3-D and the metaverse. Avant Gardist believes technology can address three unmet needs in fashion:

1. 3-D: Help to create hyper personalization to enable customers to enter a virtual space where they can hyper personalize garments that fit them instead of seeing clothes on models.
2. Artificial Intelligence: Ability to receive real-time feedback on what styles and looks are favored by customers, predict what outfits will sell, what fabrics to use for outfits etc.
3. Metaverse: Allow everyone around the world to access fashion and be part of the fashion conversation without filter and without any barriers.

    For the runway show, we showcased three Asian fashion AVANT GARDIST brands with their specially created looks, just for this show.; VINCENT LI, PHENOTYPSETTER and YASUYUKI ISHII. Enjoy a selection of photos from the evening.

    Thank you to Roquois for inviting Avant Gardist to participate in THE FUTURE OF FASHION.

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