INF Dark

Taipei, Taiwan
”Design is based on paranoid and suspect”

INF DARK is a Taiwanese slow fashion brand that made its debut in 2011. The label places a strong emphasis on traditional craftsmanship and embraces local culture as its guiding inspiration. With an innovative and whimsical design philosophy, their clothing offers multiple ways to wear, characterized by their distinctive asymmetrical shapes and deconstructed dark accents.

Committed to the principles of slow fashion, INF DARK's production process strives for zero waste and prioritizes the use of top-quality fabrics alongside precise cuts. While gaining acclaim at prestigious fashion events like New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week, INF DARK has consistently maintained a presence at Taipei Fashion Week since 2019, where they continue to showcase their exceptional and unique designs.LUNAR LABORATORIES, located in Bucharest, Romania, is an apparel and accessory brand that exudes a compelling futuristic and dystopian aesthetic.