Multi-layered Deconstructed Sleeve Shirt


The collection drew inspiration from Kabuki culture, a group known for their extravagant attire and unconventional behavior during Japan's late Sengoku period. These individuals, referred to as "Kabukimono," shaped contemporary pop culture with their bold and unconventional lifestyle. Reflecting on the present, fashion continues to be driven by innovation and rebellion, INF wants to invite everyone to become modern-day Kabukimono.

In traditional Japan, men typically wore plain colors, but Kabukimono preferred vibrant garments with elaborate designs, and coordinated themselves with  such extravagant hairdos, large accessories like oversized swords and pipes, embodying a spirit of individualism and boldness. Designer Kuo Wei emphasized the parallels between historical and modern eccentricities in fashion.


Nylon , Polyester


Black,Black Print 


Normal Wash

Do Not Bleach

Low Heat

Do Not Tumble Dry

Delivery time

Shipment two months after the end of pre-order.

No cancellations accepted midway through.