Deconstructed Double-Layer Lapel Suit Jacket


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This season takes inspiration from the "Ama", continuously deconstructing and reshaping traditional silhouettes, incorporating wave-like elements. Embracing the brand's expertise in deconstructive style, it once again presents the transformative and versatile "one garment, multiple styles" design. In today's gender-neutral fashion landscape, the brand continues to deconstruct and redefine representative clothing for both men and women while maintaining its classic dark aesthetic DNA.

The clothing continuously deconstructs and reshapes the traditional pattern, preserving the sharp shoulders and padding of a formal suit while incorporating the relaxed elements of casual suits. Through a series of pattern refinements, the waist is cinched to create a crisp, defined curve. In terms of design, the left side of the suit collar is deconstructed into a two-layered suit collar. This not only adds visual depth but also provides more styling possibilities. Both layers of the deconstructed suit collar feature buttonholes, allowing the wearer to choose whether to fasten the first layer, creating a unique layering effect in the outfit, or fasten both layers to create a more personalized style.

On the right side, the suit collar extends into a tie, which is secured to the side with a belt buckle, enhancing the overall visual appeal. This asymmetric pattern structure adds a distinctive and visually captivating quality to the entire garment.

This suit jacket can be paired with the brand's deconstructed wide-leg trousers to achieve a longer and more fashionable overall appearance. Alternatively, it can be combined with the brand's deconstructed suit trousers to elevate the formality of the outfit. Whether for a casual or formal style, this suit jacket is an excellent choice.


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