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First month of the year has ended. What a year it’s been already. I suppose you don’t want to hear about Omicron. It’s everywhere. So what are my thoughts on fashion?

Well, the pandemic is definitely helping with my favorite type of fashion: slow fashion perhaps because no-one is going out any more and everyone is conscious about what they’re buying. It’s no longer about what people are wearing to the next cocktail party or to the next gathering. People are less conscious about trends and fast fashion because there are fewer opportunities now. The upside is that fashion lovers are focused on buying outfits for themselves and buying pieces that they love and want to wear. Finally, we may have a chance to get out of the consumerist mindset and start to appreciate and love each piece of clothing for what they are: unique pieces that represent the person who is wearing them.

So what’s my focus? Buying slow fashion pieces that are unique but can be worn daily at the office and on lunch dates with friends. On my wishlist is a piece from Phenotypsetter, which I’m definitely buying for the spring season when I can leave my home and embrace the world again. The one that I’m eyeing is the Gathered Panels and Double Paneled Jacket. It’s asymmetrical and deconstructed, but at the same time, it is an interpretation of the little black jacket that everyone should own as basics in the closet. The ruffles on the shoulders are so unique and elegant, yet not too audacious that you can’t wear it to the office. I love Phenotypsetter’s attention to detail and her ability to create clothes that women want to wear. I promise to take a picture of myself wearing the jacket once I travel again. It’s definitely going with me on my next business trip.

What’s my prediction for 2022? I’m hopeful that we’re getting to a covid endemic versus pandemic. My goal is for all of us to meet in person soon. In the meantime, my focus is to bring undiscovered emerging designers from Asia to you, wherever you are. So stay tuned as we bring on new designers for you to meet and discover through Avant Gardist!

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