Paris, France
"The brand name is inspired by Xu's original design of a Character who is rebellious but loves to read poetry, which means "sven scum"."

The fashion label YAN XU, a conceptual menswear brand, was established in 2020 by Junyan Xu, a Chinese designer. Following her studies at the Marangoni Institute in Paris, she inaugurated her personal studio and promptly introduced the brand. Influenced profoundly by Eastern roots and traditional Chinese techniques such as wood carving and ink wash painting, Junyan concentrates on honing skills that mirror the brand's philosophy. Her focus lies in achieving a balance of yin-yang while infusing elements of sophistication and accentuating romanticism.

Navigating between artistry and design, her principal storyline commences with ordinary clothing pieces, reimagining them into exclusive, wearable art items. Her attention to detail in patterns, cuts, and shapes transforms each piece into something unique and distinctive, elevating them to a realm of individuality and distinction.