Print - White Patchwork Shirt

Seasonal Story and Inspiration:

It is normal that one declines with no one knows.
For the balance.
Trying it,
find it via senses and shapes of the cloth.
A poet sat at the table.
He sipped the wine.
Irregular offcuts of linen cloth simulated time’ s footprints.
In the gloom, on the childish print,
dull lines sketched woman’ s body, frankly and carelessly.
With the powerful male body, they twined together, they slammed together,
they smeared over each other’ s bodies, because of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
Only the bodies of lovers remained, scattered like the fallen on the battlefield, morbidly and artistically.
Beside the lamp in a Paris bar, there are restrained moods, crumbling walls,
abstruse books and swaying curtains.
At the midnight,
in a antique book aroma, the poet stamped the work,
he’ s just finished by his cherish seal. 

Product Details Highlights:

* Abstract Graphics Woodblock Print
* Coconut Shell Button
* Asymmetric Print Design
* Loose Fit 

Size Guide:
Fabric composition: 100% cotton

Model height: 185cm, wearing size L.