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Lunar Laboratories Collaborates with Lily Gatins


Lunar Laboratories closed Romanian Fashion Week with the debut of their latest collection, 'OBSERVER,' in collaboration with goth fashion influencer Lily Gatins. The collection's name encapsulates the uncertainty of our times, reflecting a world filled with challenges, darkness, and unexpected events. The designs showcase lines, angles, flat surfaces, and overlaps, inspired by the dynamics of aircraft and transformed into ready-to-wear pieces with a gothic, dark-punk aesthetic.

Gatins, who traveled from the United States to Romania, helped set up the show and contribute to the presentation. As a model and influencer renowned for her work with emerging fashion designers with gothic aesthetics, Gatins brings her experience and taste to curate the most intriguing creatives in this niche. Lunar Laboratories is known for its sharp, geometrical cuts and dark, dystopian mood, often utilizing black leather to create a subcultural uniform look. The collection also resonates with street style and clubbing vibes, capturing an urban attitude with a love for the unconventional.

Gatins found Lunar Laboratories' designs to perfectly match her sensibility and style. Known as the queen of Cube showroom parties during Paris Fashion Week, where she browses the best of upcoming designer brands, she has now found a brand she truly enjoys collaborating with. Working closely with Lunar Laboratories, Lily Gatins is bringing new ideas to life. The fashion world eagerly anticipates the outcomes of this exciting collaboration.


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