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Exclusive Presale of INF DARK AW24 'Kabukimono' Collection

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Just a few weeks ago, INF Dark dazzled audiences at Taipei Fashion Week with their latest collection AW24 'Kabukimono'. Drawing inspiration from Japanese culture and the rich heritage of Kabuki theatre, this collection offers a reimagined take on traditional Japanese clothing alongside innovative 3D-printed sandals inspired by the iconic Geta footwear. What makes this collaboration even more noteworthy is its focus on developing eco-friendly footwear, a joint effort between INF, Olympic bid proposals, leading footwear company Baocheng International Group, and ITRI.

The history of Kabuki theatre is deeply rooted in Japanese culture, known for its performative storytelling elements. In a nod to this tradition, INF's showcase at Taipei Fashion Week recreated the Japanese folk tale "The Grateful Crane," highlighting the fusion of fashion and storytelling. Vibrant colors and bold patterns, synonymous with Kabuki, are evident throughout the collection, reflecting the essence of this revered art form. Moreover, the collection embodies the Japanese philosophy of achieving harmony between nature and humanity, paying homage to the profound reverence for nature ingrained in Japanese culture.

For enthusiasts of Japanese culture and traditional garments like the kimono, the 'Kabukimono' collection is a true gem. Combining functionality with sophisticated aesthetics and revitalizing ancient cultural narratives into contemporary fashion, INF Dark's design ethos caters to style-conscious individuals who prioritize independent, sustainable brands and value timeless, quality garments.

Mark your calendars for the exclusive sale starting on May 20th, the following Monday. Don't miss the opportunity to own a piece of this exquisite collection.


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