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Bold Steps Towards Sustainability

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With each passing day, the call for more sustainable practices in the fashion industry grows louder, and recent developments suggest that change is on the horizon – and hopefully, there will be more to come.

Copenhagen Fashion Week is making waves with its bold stance against the use of exotic skins, fur, and feathers in fashion collections. In a groundbreaking move, starting next year, brands featuring virgin fur, wild animal skins, or feathers will be prohibited from showcasing their designs on the runways of the Danish capital. This decisive action underscores a commitment to ethical practices and animal welfare within the fashion community. Meanwhile, just a stone's throw away, France is poised to enact penalties for ultra-fast fashion products in a bid to curb their detrimental environmental impact. The proposed legislation outlines a gradual increase in penalties, potentially reaching up to €10 per individual clothing item by 2030, alongside a ban on advertising for such products. Furthermore, the French environmental ministry intends to advocate for a European Union ban on the export of used clothes, addressing the pressing issue of textile waste and its global ramifications.

These developments reflect Europe's earnest efforts to mitigate the fashion industry's adverse impact on the environment. It is hoped that these initiatives will serve as a catalyst for similar action worldwide, not only to safeguard our planet's future but also to elevate the overall quality of the garments we wear.

As the renowned British designer Vivienne Westwood famously advocates, "buy less, choose well & do it yourself!" This sentiment encapsulates the essence of sustainable fashion and underscores the importance of mindful consumption in shaping a more sustainable future for the fashion industry and beyond.

We take pride in the strong sustainability ethos of AG brands in their production processes. Additionally, both Phenotypsetter and Modement regularly host workshops focused on repurposing old clothing, showcasing a commitment to fostering a culture of reuse and sustainability.



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