Symmetrical Triangle Structure Shirt


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The details of the pattern are based on the silhouette of the formal shirt, which is also taken from childhood memories. Pick up the discarded paper and fold the paper airplane. Deconstruct the outer pieces, and use paper craftsmanship to spell out a symmetry. It has a triangular structure, and the function of the rope belt to make the wrinkle and press button is added to the hem. Through the use of them, the wearing style can be determined by yourself; after the piece is wrinkled, it makes the shape more three-dimensional and when not drawn, it can naturally fall down by following the body shape to form a multi-layered dress-like top. It can also be tied on one side and draped on the other side to create an asymmetrical visual effect.

In addition to matching the brand's common deconstructed wide trousers or low-crotch trousers to increase the possibilities of outfits, it can also be worn with suit pants to bring out the original design.


Cotton 100%




Normal Wash
Do Not Bleach
Low Heat
Do Not Tumble Dry

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