QUOTA 20+-way transforming piece: jumpsuit/dress/hoodie/top/sleeves/trousers/skirt

A set of 2 identical items, based on deconstructed trouser details. The 2 parts can be worn separately, shaped using zippers as low-crotch corseted trousers of medium width, sleek trousers, a geometric suspender skirt, a high-waisted dress with multiple zipper straps, fastened on the shoulders or behind the neck, a sleeveless top or a relaxed-fit tunic. Combined together using the metal zippers, the 2 objects merge into a single multi-segmented dress, A-line skirt, a hooded boxy-fit longsleeve top, or a statement trouser style. The volume of the gathered part, transformable into a corsage, a collar or a headpiece, is totally adjustable. The outfit is made of neoprene with a soft jersey inside.
*undergarments are not included 

Colour: anthracite

Composition: 100% neoprene        ✓ Vegan 

Care: Dry clean. Steaming at medium t°. No tumble dry!