Hollow Neck Layers Hoody Top


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The pattern is based on a double-layer structure design that is well-known for INF and casual hooded long sleeves. A layer of movable shawl straight-lined collar is added on the top of the garment and the bottom hooded edge is extended to the upper layer to form an interspersed structure that extends out. The lapel piece joins the ring with this collection’s embroidered webbing. In order to achieve the styling aesthetic of Grunge & Punk, the embroidered webbing can interact and buckle up with the webbing which is at the other end of the body. The outer layer is fitted to the body line to extend the left shoulder line up to the neck. To effectively put on and take off with the concealed buckle, the concealed buckle can also be opened and turn the outer layer into the lapel. The curved hems of the outer layer make it looks like a shawl. The Chinese text on the embroidered webbing pays tribute to the old propaganda slogan, written in old Chinese form from right to left, and it says, "high fashion accessories, unique taste, handmade customization, etc.". It is a product that can be easily worn by both male and female and is functional.

This fabric is a knitted fabric with a 25% wool and it is spun with artificial rebound fiber to prevent knitting deformation. It is warm and comfortable to wear. It can be machine washed but cannot be dried in a dryer. However, dry cleaning is recommended for long-term maintenance.


Acrylic 32%
Wool 25%
Nylon 40%
Op 3%




Normal Wash
Do Not Bleach
Low Heat
Do Not Tumble Dry

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