Deconstructed Functional Trousers


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The details of the pattern are based on formal trousers; after deconstructing the trousers, combining them with functional trousers, and reshaping, the waistband is extended into a military-like structure, and the flips and the bottom pieces are combined with each other; a cutout design is formed on the side. In addition, the functional design of connecting the straps and the buckles makes the cutout with a looming visual effect while walking; the inner side is folded out using the paper origami technique, and a shirt button is attached. When the buttons are fastened, it looks like tapered trousers, and when left unbuttoned, it slits like the pages of a spread-out book.

These deconstructed functional trousers can be matched with this season's "deconstructed functional blazer" as a complete deconstructed functional suit.


Wool 40%
Polyester 57%
Spandex 3%




Normal Wash
Do Not Bleach
Low Heat
Do Not Tumble Dry

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188cm / 80kg
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