Deconstructed-Elbow Shirt


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In order to achieve more comfortable wearing experience, the cutting pattern is based on the cylindrical and oversize silhouette, but we have carefully designed the ingenuity at the joint of the side seam and the sleeve: the side cutting will narrow down gradually until it reaches the joint of the sleeve in a straight line. Narrowing allows the overall visual to maintain the oversize looseness and rebellious feeling, but it can also bring out a slim fit feeling without losing the classic atmosphere of a formal shirt.

In terms of design, "holes" are the elements that often appear in Grunge Art style mix and match and we combined this element into this shirt by creating holes on the elbows of the sleeves and on the back of waist, not by simply rip or cut a hole in the garment, but in a deconstruction way. A webbing embroidered with Chinese is pressed on the raw edges not only brings more visual details to the garment, but also letting the shirt can be wore more freely in different style than the other ordinary shirt. The embroidery is the slogan of the season which pays tribute to retro spirits ‘High fashion, exquisite accessories, unique taste, handmade customization, etc’and it is written in old form from right to left.

In addition to choosing long sleeves or short sleeves through the slit, girls can show a small waist line when wearing the slit open on the back, it can be buckled up with two concealed buttons to close the slit when boys wear it, but he slit can still be faintly visible when wearing. It is a unisex garment and is a garment with muti-wearing styles. You may get one and share it with your boyfriend or girlfriend to see who wears it better!


Cotton 73%
Nylon 27%




Normal Wash
Do Not Bleach
Low Heat
Do Not Tumble Dry

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