Deconstructed Dress-Liked Hemline Blazer


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The details of the pattern are based on a formal short blazer. In order to pay tribute to the 22SS blazer that is combined with women's dress, it is extended to continuous fold and deconstruct on the side of the like origami technique, and use the buttons to create variant style and functional look; the sharp corners appear after fully buttoned symbolize the theme “book” of this season, and the lines of the reverse page corner; when only a single button is on, the drapery structure present, so that you can have a look that mix formal and casual; after none button on, a large number of drape appear like women's dress. This design combines the representative no-sex design, showing the feminine beauty of men and the strength of women, and also wearing with several possibilities that match the brand's philosophy “Doctrine of the Mean”.

This blazer can be paired with our classic low-crotch trousers and deconstructed trousers to elongate your leg visually.


Wool 40%
Polyester 57%
Spandex 3%




Dry clean
Do Not Bleach
Low Heat
Do Not Tumble Dry

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176cm / 49kg
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