Book Page Structure Long Shirt With Straps


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The pattern details are based on the silhouette of a long shirt. After deconstructing and reshaping the shirt and dress, inspired by the structure of the paper card and the book; by following the structure of falling paper card and book , creating a multi-layer drape effect at hem; the large pleats going all the way to the shoulders make the front and back pieces have a symmetrical vision, and another small pleats are deformed on the inner layer of the large pleat through the pattern drafting technique to create a double-layer pleated origami deconstruction design; and set an strap in it; after wrinkling, it will look like a tutu skirt. Besides that, the hem can also be naturally draped to produce a pleated skirt effect, which is also a way to wear it.

It can be worn with this season's "book page structure A-line skirt" or our classic Japanese-style deconstructed wide-leg trousers to achieve a drapery look.


Cotton 100%




Normal Wash
Do Not Bleach
Low Heat
Do Not Tumble Dry

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