Sofia, Bulgaria
"The way we dress isn't confined to our gender and body."

HAYA, a fashion accessories brand committed to artisanal production and dedicated to sustainability. The creative force behind this innovative brand is the dynamic duo of Tonya Georgieva and Vladislava Lupo.

HAYA epitomizes the synergy between the old and the progressive, balancing heritage and modernity. It is a manifestation of wild imagination, artistic bravery, masterful artisanry, and cutting-edge technology. All HAYA accessories are meticulously handcrafted by Tonya, our skilled artisan, with a keen focus on texture and detail. We exclusively use the finest leather and materials to ensure the exquisite look, feel, and quality of each item. Operating in Europe, we aim to support and revive traditional craftsmanship techniques in the production of luxury leather goods deeply rooted in this region.

Embarking on a creative journey, HAYA is guided by the authentic symbiosis between the inner worlds of these two souls. Their innate passion for design, blending techniques, and experimenting with colors and shapes has culminated in the formation of HAYA, more than just a brand. It stands as the artistic outcome of the metaphysical connection between the energies of two individuals who share a common aesthetic vision.
Frida Leather Waist Corset Belt - Avant Gardist
Frida Leather Waist Corset Belt Vol.2 - Avant Gardist